Friday, 14 September 2012

Perhaps we have a problem...

A bit much?  In my defense, I have had great optical coverage and get many of these glasses paid for in full.

The ones in the green display case are on highest rotation.  This was an ugly wooden box with "glasses" written in gold on the front that I picked up from the dollar store a few years ago.  I spray painted it and it now sits on my make up dresser.  I went back for a second one a few days later but there were none.  Major regret. 

 The sunnies are both mine and Steven's.

 These are our two most recent pairs, favorites, I might add.

My brand spanking new frames I just purchased on a whim this weekend from Regent Optical in Edmonton.  If you don't already know the place, it's a gem.  Fantastic prices and they always have my order ready in a few hours for pick up the same day.  The new location on Whyte Ave is the nicest.