Tuesday, 21 May 2013

So much to tell!

Well.  Here I go again, letting things go beyond the point of no return.  Is it even fair to just pick up where I left off nearly 7 months later?  I'm gonna.

So, I had a baby.  He's basically the cutest human being on the planet.  His name is Poe.  Just Poe.

Poe on his 6 month birthday, May 11.

I've been debating writing my birth story and breastfeeding saga here lately, wondering why I would ever want to expose so much publicly - but let's be real here - I'm not an overly private person.   Also, I'm not even sure anyone reads this, so I'm kind of just writing it for myself.  The goal is to have the posts up by the end of this month!  Oh my goodness.  I said it.  Now I have a deadline, something to work towards.  

Ok, gotta go.  I have drafts to write!!