Sunday, 4 November 2012

Baby McTang's Nursery

Well, I think we can call it complete - for now.  Although it is missing the key component, a BABY!  We've worked on this room for months, from painting old furniture (that bed was the most hideous honey veneer), to emptying closets and hanging shelves, Steven and I have really worked together to make our little guy a place to call his own.  This was our spare room for the past five years, the room where guests would stay when they'd come to visit, or people could crash for the night if they really shouldn't drive home.  The two closets in this room were all mine, in addition to one of the two in our master bedroom, and I used this as my dressing/getting ready room daily.  A few months ago I felt a sense of panic when I realized I would need to move all of 'me' into our master bedroom.  Well, it did take some work and a whole lot of purging, but we did it.  I am fully and comfortably situated in the master, all of my clothes fit and I even have a space to do my hair and make up (perhaps I'll post photos of our bedroom someday soon).

So, basically, we're ready.  The suitcase is packed and in my car, and the car seat is installed.  Now we're waiting.  Our due date is November 15, but I would be happy to have him make his entrance into our world at any moment.  Do you hear us little guy - we're ready for you!!

Monkey teddy from his soon to be buddy Lucas Walsh and the Dragon softie is from Auntie Di.
Swedish cross quilt was made by Nanny McIsaac and the two folded quilts are from Muny
Dwell crib sheet, Restoration Baby crib skirt, and the crocheted Christening blanket was made for me by my dad's mother, Grandma McIsaac, 33 years ago.
snug.songbird mobile from Snug Studio and the Boreal Forest print from Banquet Atelier on Etsy
More prints from Banquet
Sarah Jane Studios - Take Me for a Walk and a postcard from Leah Duncan
This teddy was made by my 3 yr old niece Ellajah's grandma.  There's a very sweet story around it and it is very special.
Dragon bracelet, first piece of jewelry from Ma Ma and Yeh Yeh (Steven's parents).
Diaper Caddy and Whale print
First toy from Dai Goo Ma and a picture of his buddy-to-be Lucas.

More gifts from his Halifax family.  Sai Goo Ma will ensure he is always decked out in the designer gear.


  1. all looks so good-great pics!! I think Baby Tang will approve. Can't wait to meet him!

  2. You did an awesome job. Love how all three prints look together.