Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Pregnancy in Photos


It can be really annoying to always be the person behind the camera.   I have tens of thousands of photos of Steven and I'm sure I will have hundreds of thousands of photos of Steven with the baby, but I have only a handful of pictures of myself.  I'm a terrible critic though, so I certainly don't make it easy for him to get shots of me, always directing him and often getting a little mean when he is unable to create exactly what is in my head.  We end up in some pretty ugly fights from time to time - and that never helps a photo turn out well. 

Usually I'm quite content to document my life with drawings and photos of the things around me, objects that indicate what was going on at a particular time in my life.  However, for the first time I have felt that documenting my pregnancy would have been best portrayed in photographs.  Sure, there are other ways I could have done it, I could have set up a tri pod, I could have done a weekly shot in a mirror, etc, but I didn't really want to.  I photographed a friend of mine last year every week from 15-40 weeks throughout her pregnancy.  I put the entire series in a book for her and it turned out so beautifully I will forever be jealous of not having one similar for myself.  Oh well.  No matter how hard I pushed, Steven couldn't handle the pressure and we never managed to get consistent with shooting.  I'm a little demanding, to say the least.

This is about it for my pregnancy in pictures.  It's funny to look back.  It seems like so long ago, yet it went so quickly.  I've been taking photos a little more frequently the past few days, who knows, every day could be my last day pregnant at this point.  I'm trying to get Steven to sit for a portrait together soon, as it could be our last photo ever as just the two of us.  For 11 years it has been just us... wow.  Now we're about to be three.

We put this photo in a card and gave it to mom and dad around 6 wks.  It was early and she had a hard time not spilling the beans to her siblings.  We didn't make her wait too long though.

17 wks, I thought I was so big... fast forward to now...

37 wks.  WOW.  And I'm not there yet.

At prenatal class in August with two of my many pregnant cousins.  Dana, in the middle, has already had her little girl. 
At Erin and Kevin's wedding in July - 20 wks 4 d
Lake Louise, 25 wks 3 d

32 wks
My Nanny Brennan at my baby shower

32 wks and a bit

Pregnant cousins
...and some of my silly aunts
Our moms with us (well, there's a mom-in-law on the right, but that's fine)
36 wks 5 d

38 wks... could this be the last one?  I'll keep you posted.


  1. You're funny! And beautiful!

  2. I missed this post in my blogger feed! I thought I would check out your blog in case I missed anything and I did, you looked gorgeous pregnant! Now that baby Poe is here, would you do it all over again!? hehe Or do you need some time to think about that one??