Friday, 17 February 2012

A feast, to say the least.

Homemade Vietnamese subs for breakfast
Bahn Beo
Dharma Sushi
Dan Dan Mien
Wonton Noodle Soup
Siu yeh
FIL's birthday dinner at 9+9
Mixed plate of cold appetizers. 
Shrimp in taro nest
Cake #1
Cake #2
Cake #3!!

Bun Bo Hue

Duck Noodle Soup
Stormy night in.
S&P shrimp, ch balls & egg rolls fr Yum Yum, duck, goose, spicy eggplant,
roasted eggplant w/ green onion/ginger sauce
An empty bowl - a rare sight.

Fish Maw soup
"Korean" BBQ
Chow Mein

Turkey Congee
Goi Cuon
the fixins

Just a sample of some of the fantastic food we ate on our three week trip home to Halifax in January.  Nothing tastes as good as food made with love.

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